On Our Mind

Continued Research


While Sean Harribance® has been the main focus of the research presented here, our aim is to persist in unraveling the mysteries of the human brain through continued research of similar cognitive abilities of others.  Partnering with like-minded professionals to continue scientific research utilizing the most rigid and rigorous protocols to produce results that are indisputable is our goal.

Educating the Public


We strive to promote a better understanding of parapsychology through seminars, lectures, and special events.  Teaching others to challenge their perceptions and expand their own perceptive abilities through meditation and training increases the understanding of parapsychology while improving personal well-being.

We Are All Connected


Discovering how the brain is able to tap into universal information is only part of understanding.  Our energy entangles with others constantly, so it is important that we make these encounters a positive experience.  Reaching out to the  community and finding ways to impact lives in a positive manner is our mission.

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Know More About Sean Harribance®


If you want to know more about the man, Sean Harribance®, ask about his autobiographies.  

*This Man Knows You

*Sean Harribance, A Psychic Predicts the Future

Also, the book "Evidence of Psi" discusses Sean Harribance®

So Much Yet to Learn


There is so much yet to learn.  Call it consciousness, psychic ability, or whatever you like, everything is energy and there is a definite connectedness between all energy.  We are only beginning to understand how it works and how it can be used to benefit mankind.  

You can be  part of unravelling the mysteries of the mind!

About Us


Sean Harribance® Receives The Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement Award

The years of dedication to the research of  Parapsychology has garnered Sean Harribance® recognition of work well done and a life well-lived.  He was honored by Albert Nelson Marquis with a Lifetime Achievement Award which was  published in the Wall Street Journal July 10, 2018.


We Are Growing

We are growing and looking for like-minded people to get involved.  We are interested in finding others with unique mental abilities, willing to be part of research to further the understanding of how the human mind functions.  Volunteer opportunities are also available for those interested in assisting with fundraising, event planning, community outreach and much more.  So many ways you can be a part of understanding  consciousness and  the "psychic" mind and educating the public about the benefits of this knowledge.


It's Published! Sean Inhibits Cancer Growth!

The long awaited news is out!  Recent research results show that the growth of cancerous tumors were successfully suppressed through exposure to Sean Harribance®.  He was able to impact CANCER with cerebral energy!  

Working in collaboration with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Research, Inc. have documented and now published astonishing findings!

  If you have ever wondered about the interconnectivity of the energy of the human mind with external energies and the potential healing abilities of the mind then  this recent research should (pardon the pun) blow your mind!