Predictions Made By Sean Harribance®



The following predictions were made between January 1986 and August 1993 with documentary evidence through various outlets including newspaper, television and radio interviews and even telegrams sent with copies kept on file.

Although Sean Harribance® made thousands of predictions during this time, a total of 93 were identified as "self-contained", that is they were not related to or a part of another prediction.  Out of the 93 predictions, 72 were classified as true and 21 were classified as false (or wrong).  Using a simple statistical model* there is one chance in 40,000,000 (40 million) that Sean was right 72 or more times out of 93 just accidentally.  In other words the idea of chance alone at work is a very, very small probability.

* The complete statistical analysis is available in the book "Sean Harribance - A Psychic Predicts the Future"

Correct Predictions

1. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“The oil industry will slowly recover. Oil prices will go back to $18 a barrel in about a year, then level off for a while, fluctuating between $16 and $25 a barrel. In three or four years, oil will be $35 to $40 a barrel.”

2. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“In the fall of 1987 the stock market will tumble. Until that time, it will go like a bouncing ball with extreme ups and downs. The stock market is going to be scary.”

3. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“The Texas economy will recover.”

4. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“Harribance recommends investors concentrate on basic commodities, such as food items, paper, shoes, etc. Their value will start creeping up.”

5. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“Gold and silver are good long-term investments.”

6. San Antonio Express-News, 10-21-88

“We will also suffer a recession in 1990.”

7. San Antonio Express-News, 10-21-88

“The stock market will rally in February or March of 1989.”

8. San Antonio Express-News, 10-21-88

“A major revolution in popular music will occur in the 1990s. In much the same way rock ‘n roll emerged in the ’50s and dominated popular music for four decades, this new form of music will replace rock ‘n roll as the dominate form.”

9. KTRK TV-13 Houston, 12-29-89

“1990 will be famous for a year of crime, local, national, world-wide.”

10. KTRK TV-13 Houston, 12-28-90

“(What do you see next year about the Houston crime rate?) It will drop a little bit.”

11. San Antonio Express-News 10-7-90

“He (Sean) says the economy will be in a recession in 1992”.

12. WNOE, Radio New Orleans, 12-16-90

“The Japanese stock market is in trouble in the 90s.”

13. San Antonio Express-News, 10-7-90

“Next year real estate prices are going to jump (in San Antonio).”

14. San Antonio Express-News, 10-7-90

“The market may rally in the spring of 1991. It may rally 300 or 400 points for a couple of months, then fall again.”

15. San Antonio Express-News, 10-7-90

“The stock market will drop this fall about 200 points.”

16. WQXY Radio New Orleans, 1-18-90

“(Willie Nelson). The best is behind him. The future will be hard. Then he has to watch his health. The name sounds like -powerful, did very well, but he is coming to the end of a cycle. So the future is not too good. I’m seeing financial worry later on -possibly in old age bankruptcy. I believe things go in cycles. I think the guy did great, but he’s entering a cycle of slowly down.”

17. San Antonio Express-News, 3-17-91

“(discussing the search for missing Heidi Seeman). Looking back, Heidi’s mother, Theresa Seeman, says that, weird or no, she listened to the seers out of desperation. ‘Only one psychic told us Heidi wasn’t alive – Sean Harribance®. He was visiting here in San Antonio, and he didn’t want to talk to us at first. He said she was under a tree, stifling.’ The autopsy report noted strangulation or smothering as the cause of death.”

18. WNOE Radio, New Orleans, 12-16-90

“(will the Saints win today over Pittsburgh?) In the coming years Saints will be a very strong team. Pittsburgh looked strong today.”

19. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“In 1988 the world will change for the worse. There will be political strife…1988 is going to be the start of a cycle of 20 to 27 years…”

20. San Antonio Light, 7-24-86

“In November’s election…Bill Clements will be back in office.”

21. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-31-87

“(When asked about Henry Cisneros’s chances for winning the Texas Governor’s race in 1990) 1990-Ann Richards could come on very strongly.”

22. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-88

“There will be about 6-7 people running for the governor (of Texas in 1990).”

23. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-31-87

“For the President, October, May and June will be tough months for him. There will also be political strife.”

24. San Antonio Light, 7-24-86

“In November’s election…also winning is ‘that other fellow, Lamar Smith.'”

25. San Antonio Light, 7-24-86

“But Sean claims, ‘I don’t see a spending cap’.”

26. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-89

“In fact in 1991, 1992 he (President Bush) will have to raise taxes.”

27. KTRH Radio, Houston, 1-1-90

“He (Sean) says that this year will be troublesome for President Bush, though he doesn’t know why.”

28. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-89

“Bush…will be quite unpopular. He will fall in the polls. This is the only year he will enjoy.”

29. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-89

“If Bush wins all kinds of things will happen. 1991, 1992 I don’t see most of his administration there.”

30. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-27-90

“8 people will be interested in running for president in 1992.”

31. KTRK TV-13, Houston, 12-28-90

“Overall, in 1991, Houston will be better than 1990. I think the mayor of Houston (Kathy Whitmire) will be proud of herself, she will hold her head high.”

32. WNOE Radio, New Orleans, 12-16-90

“I think (David) Duke is here for a purpose…But I don’t see him as governor.”

33. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“‘The year 1988 will be remembered as a black year in history’ he says. In that year America will suffer more drought,..”

34. San Antonio Express-News, 12-26-90

“Harribance sent a telegram to President Bush on Christmas Eve, telling the commander-in-chief of his psychic impression. ‘I saw Saddam Hussein signing papers to retreat, and he was not very happy’ Harribance said.”

35. San Antonio Express-News 10-21-88

“This summer’s drought will be broken, but we may not like the alternative. Food crops that survive the drought may be ruined, instead, by unusual flooding. There will be heavy flooding in at least 15 states.”

36. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-88

“This fall I’m getting something bad (when asked about predictions for San Antonio). The weather will cause it, several people may die. (It will be) on the west side of the city.”

37. San Antonio Express-News 10-21-88

“The current drought is nothing compared with one coming in 1990.”

38. KTRH Radio Houston, 1-1-90

“In Houston in May, June we will cross 100 (degrees).”

39. KTRK TV-13, Houston, 12-28-90

“The weather will be hot like 90, 98 in the summer.”

40. KTRK TV-13, Houston, 12-28-90

“(Can Houston or Texas expect to see a hurricane on the Gulf Coast?) We’re safe in 1991.”

41. KTRK TV-13, Houston, 12-28-90

“We could have.. cold in November 1991.”

42. KTRK TV-13, Houston, 12-28-90

“We could have some rainy conditions in December, 1991”

43. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-30-91

“Then, starting soon, the weather will begin to change. In San Antonio this fall, it’s not good weather for San Antonio.”

44. WQXY Radio, New Orleans, 1-18-90,

“I’m still seeing flood, you know, water. Later this year you are going to have some floods.”

45. Telegram to President Bush 7-24-91

“I see shelling and bombing in the late 1990s..Social problems, earthquakes, weather changes and economic problems will be extremely bad in the late 1990s. This fall and in 1992 one will be able to see the slow start of these problems.” (This prediction contains both present and future elements, and at this point in time I am only dealing with the present elements – ie, that in the fall of ’91 and in 1992 one will be able to see the slow start of the above listed problems.)

46. KENS-TV 5 San Antonio, 7-31-87, San Antonio Light 7-24-86, (also San Antonio Express-News 9-1-85, and the Northside Recorder 8-13-81)

“I think he (Henry Cisneros) can go as high as cabinet, national, he will go national.”

47. WNOE Radio New Orleans, 12-16-90 and WQXY Radio New Orleans, 1-18-90

“I’m seeing a lottery and casinos here (New Orleans).”

48. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92, also KENS TV-5 San Antonio, 7-27-90, and WNOE Radio New Orleans 12-16-90

“Harribance expects the stock market to make a steep drop in late spring or summer of 1992.”

49. WNOE Radio New Orleans, 12-16-90

“I saw the photograph of Shamir last week, bad news, he’s going down. (Politically?) Yes.

50. WNOE Radio New Orleans, 12-16-90

“The only problem is a hurricane (Louisiana) might hit here 1992.”

51. TV-4 New Orleans 12-28-90

“1994 taxes have to go up again.”

52. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“Harribance offers a little good news for 1992. In his year-end predictions made the first week in December, Harribance saw a stock market rally coming. He said the market would be generally up for the first three or four months of 1992.”

53. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“However, he (Harribance) also predicts that sales of US-made automobiles will be good by the end of 1992 to the beginning of 1993, a departure from the trend of the past couple of years.”

54. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92 (and 2-1-93)

“He (Harribance) also saw Dow Jones highs of 3,400 to 3,600 during 1992 or 1993.”

55. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He predicted the rise in weekly unemployment figures. That may have been an easy call, but he added,…”I see the figure reaching 525,000 and possibly up to 600,000 during the year.”

56. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He predicted the rise of Wal-Mart stock, which has already started. He said that during 1992 the discount chain will either reach $60 billion in sales or its stock will go up to $60 or more a share.”

57. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“Harribance said the world is overstocked with certain commodities, such as soybeans …, so their prices are expected to go down. However, unusually bad weather worldwide will drive these prices up again in the spring and summer of 1992.”

58. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“In early December he said soybeans would rise to $6.48 or more a bushel.”

59. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He said both American and European bonds would be good investments over the next three to six months.”

60. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He predicted 30-year US Treasury bonds would pass 106 points.”

61. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He said oil prices would drop to $18 or $16 a barrel. They have dropped since he made the prediction. However, he said that if OPEC doesn’t fix the oil prices at $20 a barrel in 1992, they will continue to dip below the $20 mark.”

62. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He also correctly predicted the rise of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, saying it would go up to 402 points or more.”

63. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“In Harribance’s predictions for the election year, he sees Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton as one of the front runners among the Democrats. ‘He has the best aura,’ the psychic said.”

64. KENS TV-5 San Antonio, 7-28-89 & San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“1992 I don’t see most of his (Bush’s) administration there. It will be really difficult. When I predicted Watergate it was something similar.”

65. KENS TV-5 San Antonio, 6-5-92

“This last 6 months the crime (in San Antonio) will increase…”

66. Houston Post 12-31-92

“The Oilers (Houston football team) won’t make the Super Bowl, say Harribance.”

67. San Antonio Express-News 2-1-93

“Harribance’s predictions made in December for 1993 and beyond contain gloomy news for the nation, but good news for San Antonio. ‘The mayor of San Antonio will have many reasons to be happy in 1993, including the economy,’ he said.”

68. San Antonio Express-News 2-1-93

“The temperature (in San Antonio) will pass 100 degrees in August.”

69. San Antonio Express-News 2-1-93

“In his economic prediction, Harribance said the US stock market will rally starting in March, continuing through the summer.”

70. San Antonio Express-News 2-1-93

“Bad weather will cause commodity prices to rise during the summer.”

71. San Antonio Express-News 2-1-93

“Soybeans should hit $7 a bushel.”

72. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He sees a tight (’92 presidential) election, not a landslide.”

Incorrect Predictions

1. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“In that year (1988) America will suffer … double digit inflation.” However, at this time rising inflation was a problem that Alan Greenspan actively fought by adjusting the interest rate. “Facts on File”, July 15, 1988, stated “Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan July 13 signaled that an interest-rate increase was likely in order to slow the growth of the nation’s economy and prevent a surge of inflation.”

2. & 3. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“Harribance adds that two of Reagan’s most famous advisors, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, may die in the next two years. ‘Nixon is seriously ill. Right now he’s seeing a doctor. Kissinger’s health is bad too. So we could lose two great men in a couple of years.'”

4. San Antonio Express-News, 8-22-86

“The psychic predicted last year that Reagan probably wouldn’t finish his current term in office. George Bush may finish Reagan’s term.” This was wrong, but Sean was picking up something here. There was some indication that Reagan was thinking of resigning near the end of his term – see P 30.

Also, US News & World Report on 8-29-88 states “(Reagan) has turned his White House into a subsidiary of the Bush campaign. Bush men now shape every major initiative within the administration, and White House staffers informally run throught ‘George Bush impact statements’ as one aide terms them, for even minor policy announcements.”

5. San Antonio Express-News 8-22-86

“but Harribance doubts Bush will be re-elected in 1988 … I think the successful candidate will be a dark horse.”

6. San Antonio Express-News 2-9-87

“In another telepathic update, Sean Harribance®…has returned from his trip to Trinidad and was struck with a new vision: That US Sen Gary Hart will be the dark horse figure he has seen in previous predictions as winning the 1988 presidential race.”

7. San Antonio Express-News 12-26-90

“(Saddam Hussein will withdraw from Kuwait), avoiding a bloody battle.”

8. San Antonio Light, 7-24-86

“Ray Berrera, ‘with money from Dallas’, will be elected attorney general.”

9. San Antonio Light, 7-24-86

“From March to June of 1988, Sean predicts oil prices will skyrocket.” 

However, oil hit a 4 year peak in April of 1989 when it briefly reached $25.

10. Telegram to President Reagan, 6-27-87

"(I feel there is a problem in your upper abdomen under the heart that the doctors may not have caught. If it is discovered in time, there are treatments that can help. )" I feel it is cancer. If it is not caught early, I see serious health problems for you in May & June of 1988.

11. KENS TV-5, San Antonio, 7-28-88″

This fall they (California) will have one (earthquake) of about 6. But again, the buildings are built better. The disaster will not be great.” There were again a series of small earthquakes in California in 1988, but the one that stands out was in the fall of 1989. The Houston Chronicle on 12-4-88 reported that “A sharp earthquake centered under downtown Pasadena jolted Southern Californians…Seismologists said the quake…with a magnitude of 5.0..” The same paper reported on 12-16-88 that “An earthquake jarred a wide area of Southern California…but apparently causing little damage, residents and authorities reported.”

12. KTRH Radio Houston, 1-1-90

“(We will have some flooding and dirty water the last four months of 1990.)”  In Houston we had flooding and high rainfall the first four months of 1990, and some flooding nationally the last four months of the year.

13. San Antonio Express-News, 10-21-88

“As for the November presidential elections, Harribance says he’s not certain. But he’s going with Michael Dukakis – an interesting choice considering the polls.”

14. WQXY Radio New Orleans, 1-18-90

“(who will run against him – Bush – in the next election?) Someone from the Republican will split, and that guy will come on strong.”

15. KENS TV-5 San Antonio 7-30-91

“1993 like spring, summer it (the Dow) will be like a thousand points (drop).”

16. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“‘The stock market is going to be like a rolling sea,’ he said. It will pitch up and down between lows of 2,600 or 2,700…”

17. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“I see weekly unemployment figures going to 510,000 about the second week in March.”

18. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“He said IBM stock would go up to $110 or more per share during 1992.”

19. San Antonio Express-News 1-12-92

“In early December he said…pork bellies would reach 48 cents a pound during 1992.”

20. KENS TV-5 San Antonio 6-5-92

“The middle of July it will hit like 103 in San Antonio.”

21. Houston Post 12-31-92

“Gov Ann Richards will choose US Rep Mike Andrews to replace Sen Lloyd Bentsen in the US Senate next year, believes Harribance.”


*Statistics with Application to the Biological and Health Sciences  by Richard Remington and M. Anthony Schork.  Chapter 6. Prentice Hall, Inc. New Jersey, 1970

From the book - Sean Harribance - A Psychic Predicts the Future

Available through S.H.I.P., Inc.