Next Research Project Complete - Inhibiting Cancer Growth

Sean Harribance® Repeated Research with UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center - Awaiting Results!

The recent research results were so positive and clearly identified the human potential for impacting cancer through the mental energy of Sean Harribance® that we are excited to announce that it was replicated.  Sean completed a second project with increased duration of exposure.  We anticipate the results to show even greater inhibition of the cancer cell growth.



Human Biofield Therapy and the Growth of Mouse Lung Carcinoma


After months of anticipation, the results of Sean Harribance's® latest and most exciting research to date,  have finally been published.  Sean, working in collaboration with a research staff from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX have documented the ability of Sean Harribance® to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells!  Did you catch that?  He was able to impact cancer cell growth with the energy from his brain!  

(From the article)


Biofield therapies have gained popularity and are being explored as possible treatments for cancer. In some cases, devices have been developed that mimic the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from people delivering biofield therapies. However, there is limited research examining if humans could potentially inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and suppress tumor growth through modification of inflammation and the immune system. We found that human NSCLC A549 lung cancer cells exposed to Sean L. Harribance, a purported healer, showed reduced viability and downregulation of pAkt. We further observed that the experimental exposure slowed growth of mouse Lewis lung carcinoma evidenced by significantly smaller tumor volume in the experimental mice (274.3 ± 188.9 mm3) than that of control mice (740.5 ± 460.2 mm3; P < .05). Exposure to the experimental condition markedly reduced tumoral expression of pS6, a cytosolic marker of cell proliferation, by 45% compared with that of the control group. Results of reversed phase proteomic array suggested that the experimental exposure downregulated the PD-L1 expression in the tumor tissues. Similarly, the serum levels of cytokines, especially MCP-1, were significantly reduced in the experimental group (P < .05). Furthermore, TILs profiling showed that CD8+/CD4− immune cell population was increased by almost 2-fold in the experimental condition whereas the number of intratumoral CD25+/CD4+ (T-reg cells) and CD68+ macrophages were 84% and 33%, respectively, lower than that of the control group. Together, these findings suggest that exposure to purported biofields from a human is capable of suppressing tumor growth, which might be in part mediated through modification of the tumor microenvironment, immune function, and anti-inflammatory activity in our mouse lung tumor model.

This scientifically underscores the amazing potential within the human brain and raises the question of what else do we not yet know?

So what now?  With documentation of the existence of this ability the door is open to gathering further understanding of how this is possible.  What are the mechanics of this phenomena?  How can we enhance or enable this ability in others?  What other healing can come from understanding this interaction?  Only further research can tell us.  The research is expensive and time consuming and  can only happen with the help of visionary philanthropy.  The Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Research, Inc. mission is to further this research and seeks the support of those who, also, can see the tremendous benefit and positive impact that this presents.

Your generous gift would provide for continuing the pursuit of impacting lives through innovative natural healing, starting with the advances in cancer treatment.

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Sean Lalsingh Harribance  - impacted cancer cell growth with the energy from his brain!
Sean Lalsingh Harribance - impacted cancer cell growth with the energy from his brain!

The Science Behind the Phenomenon

The published research on Sean Harribance® is vast. Below are some abstracts from recent studies.

Research has shown that the configuration of the brain of Sean Harribance® is unique and that the functions of his brain are markedly different than those normally seen.  As technology has improved,  understanding the phenomena of this psychic's brain has increased and results have been continually replicated.  Research has spanned nearly 5 decades and has included the use of merely guessing cards, reading hidden photographs to Electroencephalography (EEG), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT),, electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA) and much more.  It has been shown that the energy being emitted by Sean Harribance's® brain travels on frequencies not normally seen in typical brains and that Sean has the ability to focus this energy on his subjects to discern information and impart energy on them.  Controlled research has also shown the ability of his photon emissions, under certain conditions, to diminish cancer cell growth.  

The potential of the human brain is unlimited and we are slowly gaining more understanding.  Through continued research of not only Sean, but others exhibiting similar abilities, we can unlock the mysteries of the mind.  

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The Studies of the Phenomenon

Digitized Quantitative Electroencephalographic Patterns Applied as Magnetic Fields Inhibit Melanoma

Karbowski LM1, Harribance SL, Buckner CA, Mulligan BP, Koren SA, Lafrenie RM, Persinger MA.

*Please note that the person (SLH) referenced in this abstract is Sean L. Harribance.


Weak (1 μT) physiologically patterned magnetic fields produce changes in behavioral, physiological, and cellular activity. In the present experiments 12 temporal samples of the electroencephalographic anomaly and normal activity of a person (SLH) whose proximity reliably affected the brain activity of others were extracted from QEEG data, digitized, and presented as equivalent magnetic field patterns to B16 mouse melanoma cells. Only two of the patterns, both originating from the primary source (right temporal lobe) of the EEG anomaly reduced the cell growth by one-third compared to the other patterns extracted from his QEEG or sham field exposures. In previous experiments these EEG transients were also associated with marked increases in photon emissions from the right side of SLH's head. The results suggest that the intrinsic complexity of electroencephalographic patterns of some people, when amplified appropriately and applied as computer-generated magnetic fields in the three spatial planes, could diminish cancer cell growth.

Neuroscience Letters Volume 523, No. 2, August 15, 2012  by L. Karbowski, S Harribance, C Buckner, B Mulligan, S Koren, R Lafrenie, M Persinger, pp.131-134

Exploring the Psychic Brain: On Neuroscience and Psi Phenomena

Bryan Williams, pp. 154-192


One of the fundamental questions in the attempt to understand ostensible psychic, or psi, phenomena is the question of how psi can be processed by the brain. On the surface, psi seems to conflict greatly with the prevailing view in psychology and neuroscience that behaviour largely has its basis in brain functioning. As a way to address this issue, many experiments in parapsychology, both past and present, have been designed to incorporate the methods and techniques of neuroscience, in an effort to learn more about the brain processes that may be involved in the experience of psi. A concise review of the findings from certain experiments relevant to the topic of psi and neuroscience is presented in this paper, with particular focus on the findings that seem to show the highest degree of consistency to date. Despite some individual limitations, these findings tend to indicate that psi phenomena do show at least some correlates with brain activity. Although the findings do not yet provide definitive answers or lead to complete working theories, they do suggest that, contrary to some skeptical claims, psi phenomena are not “above and beyond” the brain.

Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research

December 2011, Vol. 11  No. 2

pp. 154-192

Protracted Parahippocampal Activity Associated With Sean Harribance

Michael A Persinger and  Kevin S SarokaAuthor information ► Copyright and License information ► Disclaimer

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.Go to:



Previous research published by Venkatasubramanian et al. (2008) in this journal showed markedly enhanced functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) activity within the right parahippocampal region of a gifted person while he experienced accurate telepathic impression. The present research is designed to discern if Sean Harribance, a reliable psychic who reported independently verified accurate histories of others during his intuitive state, would also show similar enhancement as measured by standardized low resolution electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA).

Materials and Methods and Results:

The raw data from the unique electroencephalographic pattern displayed by SSean Harribance® (the Harribance configuration) during his intuitive state revealed a peak increase of power within the upper beta range (20-30 Hz) within the right parahippocampal region only.


The congruence of the region of activation during “telepathy” by Sean Harribance and Gerard Senehi, especially when the specific electromagnetic and cellular characteristics are considered, suggests the parahippocampal region may be a focus for exploration of the mechanisms by which these phenomena might occur.

International Journal of Yoga

Volume 5, Issue 2, July-December 2012

Cerebral Dynamics and Discrete Energy Changes in the Personal Physical Environment During Intuitive-

Mathew D. Hunter, Blake T. Dotta, Bryce P. Mulligan, Kevin S. Saroka, Christina F. Lavallee, Stanley A. Koren, Michael A. Persinger


The attribution of unobservable cognitive states to others, a component of the "Theory of Mind", involves activity within the right temporoparietal region. We tested an exceptional subject, Sean Harribance, who displayed a reliable, consistent configuration of QEEG activity over this region that was confirmed through source localization software. The blind-rated accuracies of the histories of 40 people shown in 40 different photographs were strongly correlated with the quantitative occurrence of this conspicuous QEEG pattern displayed during Mr. Harribance’s “intuitive state”. The proportions of specific microstates were also strongly correlated with his accuracy of discerning the historical characteristics of the people in the photographs. Compared to the normal population his microstates were half the duration and his sense of “now” was about twice as fast as the average person. During his intuitive states there was strong congruence of activity between the left temporal lobes of participants who sat near Mr. Harribance and the activity over his temporal (primarily right) lobes within the theta and 19-20 Hz band. Reversible increases in photon emissions and small alterations in the intensity within the nearby (up to a 1 meter) geomagnetic field along the right side of his head were equivalent to energies of about 10-11 Joules with amplitude modulations in the 0.2 to 0.6 Hz range. The results indicate even exceptional skills previously attributed to aberrant sources are variations of normal cerebral dynamics associated with intuition and may involve small but discrete changes in proximal energy.

Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research. December 21, 2010  Vol. 1 Issue 9. pp. 1179-1197

Neurobehavioral and Neurometabolic (SPECT) Correlates of Paranormal Information

"Involvement of the right hemisphere and its sensitivity to weak complex magnetic fields."

Roll WG1, Persinger MA, Webster DL, Tiller SG, Cook CM.


Experiments were designed to help elucidate the neurophysiological correlates for the experiences reported by Sean Harribance. For most of his life he has routinely experienced "flashes of images" of objects that were hidden and of accurate personal information concerning people with whom he was not familiar. The specificity of details for target pictures of people was correlated positively with the proportion of occipital alpha activity. Results from a complete neuropsychological assessment, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), and screening electroencephalography suggested that his experiences were associated with increased activity within the parietal lobe and occipital regions of the right hemisphere. Sensed presences (subjectively localized to his left side) were evoked when weak, magnetic fields, whose temporal structure simulated long-term potentiation in the hippocampus, were applied over his right temporoparietal lobes. These results suggest that the phenomena attributed to paranormal or "extrasensory" processes are correlated quantitatively with morphological and functional anomalies involving the right parietotemporal cortices (or its thalamic 

inputs) and the hippocampal formation.

International Journal of Neuroscience

Vol 112, No. 2, Feb. 2002, pp. 197-224.

Enhancement of Theta and Gamma Activity Power Within Fixed Sections of Human Brains Stimulated by...

Sean Harribance’s Electroencephalographic Configuration: Is He Equivalent to a “Universal Donor” for Entanglement?

Nicolas Rouleau, Michael A. Persinger


The persistence and proficiency by which Sean Harribance has accessed non-local information about the detailed experiences and histories of other people suggests congruence with intrinsic brain structures. Brain-appropriate (2 μV) voltage levels of the electroencephalographic patterns that had been recorded from Mr. Harribance’s frontal, centro-parietal, and temporal regions during his most accurate descriptions were applied by needle electrodes to left and right hippocampal formations, temporal stems, caudates, internal capsules, parahippocampal gyri, and insulas within coronal sections of fixed human brain sections. Spectral analyses obtained by adjacent needle sensors indicated that different components of the Harribance Configuration (HC), particularly temporal (T4), and centro-parietal (C4) regions elicited enhanced spectral power within the grey relative to white matter for the theta (4-7.5 Hz) band while only the HC component from the right temporal (T4) elicited enhanced power within the gamma (40 Hz) band for both grey and white matter. These enhancements could reflect the presence of intrinsic spatial properties within brain tissue that survive fixation and remain responsive to congruent applied electromagnetic patterns. The conspicuous presence of the fundamental and harmonic components of the Schumann Resonance peak frequencies within the HC and recent real-time measurements of intermittent coherence between living human brains and Schumann activities may relate to the Harribance effect. One interpretation is that his accurate descriptions of the experiences and histories of people he has never met reflect access to a source of non-local information associated with the earth-ionosphere wave guide within which all human beings are immersed.


An Interdisciplinary Journal of Neuroscience and Quantum Physics

Vol. 13, No 4 (2015)  

pp 384-398

In Memoriam - Honoring Parapsychology Pioneers

Dr. Joseph Banks (JB) Rhine 1895-1980

JB Rhine was an American botanist who founded parapsychology as a branch of psychology, the parapsychology lab at Duke University, the Journal of Parapsychology, the Foundation for Research of the Nature of Man and the Parapsychological Association.

In 1969, Dr. Rhine invited Sean Lalsingh Harribance to Duke for testing.  Thirty one papers were published in scientific journals as a result of their work together. 

Dr. William G. Roll 1926-2012

In 1957, Dr. Roll joined the staff of the Parapsychology Laboratory, Duke University, working under Dr. JB Rhine.  It was while there that he came to work with Sean Lalsingh Harribance.  

Even after the retirement of Dr. Rhine in 1964, Dr. William Roll continued working with Sean and in addition to numerous books and research papers, has published a multitude of  study results from their collaboration.  

Highly regarded for his humor and intellect, Dr. Roll was a respected leader in the field.  

Dr. Robert L. Morris 1942-2004

Dr. Morris was a psychologist, parapsychologist and professor at the University of Edinburgh where in 1985 he became the first holder of the Koestler Chair of Parapsychology at the Koestler Parapsychology Unit, a position he held until his passing in 2004.  He obtained his PhD at Duke University in 1969, where, while spending time at the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man, he became friends with Dr. JB Rhine.

Dr. Morris worked extensively with Sean and was known for his healthy skeptical approach to parapsychology.   He has published numerous books and research studies and has supervised researchers working toward their doctorate and was instrumental in overseeing more than 100 Honours Dissertations.

Dr. Robert Morris encouraged understanding.  His door was always open and he enjoyed sharing with colleagues, students or  anyone with an interest in parapsychology.

Dr. Michael Persinger 1945-2018

A professor of neuroscience at the Laurentian University since 1971, Dr. Persinger, while renowned for numerous studies and more than 200 peer-reviewed publications, his most well-known hypotheses include the temporal lobes as the central correlate for mystical experiences, subtle changes in geomagnetic activity as mediators of parapsychological phenomena and the research of electromagnetic field effects upon biological  organism which were directly related to his research with Sean Harribance®.

Dr. Persingers' studies of the geomagnetic correlation to telepathy led him to present "No More Secrets" which contemplates how the Earth's Magnetic Field will Enable Telepathy on a Global Scale.  (Click below to see presentation)

Dr. Michael Persinger pushed the envelope even if if meant standing his ground in the midst of skepticism and criticism.