A Man On A Mission

S.H.I.P.R. INC. -The Mission

  • to establish, carry on and promote research into the existence, origin, cause and nature of psychic abilities in mankind; with the primary focus being the study and research of Sean Harribance®‘s psychic abilities.
  • to promote and encourage public knowledge, appreciation and awareness of the nature of psychic sensitivity and ability in mankind and to  develop the science of parapsychology.
  • to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and research concerning all matters affecting the science and practice of parapsychology and to promote the permanent preservation and conservation of the same.
  • to encourage, document and develop research into the effect of psychic abilities in promoting health, spiritual, social and human development in mankind.
  • to encourage and promote the establishment and maintenance of high professional, technical and ethical standard in the science of parapsychology.

Together We Can Make a Positive Impact

There is so much we have yet to learn about cognitive abilities.  What if the mind not only has the ability to tap into energy to recall the past and access information about the future, but what if it has the ability to utilize cognitive energy to heal!  

The possibilities are endless!

Sean Lalsingh Harribance, Founder

Sean Lalsingh Harribance

The Man With The Vision

Sean Lalsingh Harribance was born to an East Indian family in southern Trinidad on November 11, 1939.  He was raised as a Hindu, but attended Christian schools in his earlier years and was eventually baptized at the age of 26.  It was at this time that he chose the name, Sean, by which he is known today. 

 He discovered at a young age that he had the ability to accurately "read" people and tell them what was to come.   During his teenage years, Sean left school and found work in the oilfields to help his family.  Later he was employed as a cashier for the bus service.  It was there  that a man named Richard Jackman became aware of Sean’s abilities.

Mr. Jackman, then editor and manager of the Trinidad Guardian, became more and more intrigued with the accuracy of Sean’s predictions.  After getting to know Sean, Mr. Jackman decided to introduce him to a psychologist named Hamlyn Dukhan.  Dr. Dukhan was curious about  Sean’s acute perception and decided that scientific testing was necessary to document the full extent of his abilities.

After several years of testing, on January 17, 1969, Sean was invited to the Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man by Dr. J.B. Rhine, to be researched further.  While there, Sean worked with Dr. Rhine, Dr. William G. Roll of the Psychical Research Foundation, and various visiting professors and researchers.  As a result of the work done with Sean, more than fifty-one papers were published in scientific journals.

In 1970,  Sean’s tests were presented to The American Association  for The Advancement of Science.  The results were based on testing that was done under very strict conditions where the use of all five senses were blocked.  Sean provided amazing results and the probability of Sean's accuracy scores in 1,000 guesses being by chance was one in 100 trillion.  Moreover, Sean was the first to get high scores on ESP tests where EEG sensors were used.  He was also the first to show a link between high ESP scores and a specific brain wave. 

In 1976, the parapsychology labs could no longer give him a salary so he moved to Maryland in search of research funds from government sources.  While in Maryland he did some work with Mankind Research, and continued some part-time research with Duke University. Sean began to realize that by proving himself to others, he could generate further interest in parapsychology, and the psi research.

Sean has spent his entire life allowing scientist and researchers to challenge him in clinical settings with the most state of the art technology available in an effort to  further the understanding of how the human brain functions especially as it relates to "psychic" activity whether conscious or subconscious.  It  is his ongoing desire to understand and scientifically prove his ability and educate the public about parapsychology which lead him to start his foundation, the Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Research, Inc.  

An Interview With Sean

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